Talent Talk Asia: The Future of Recruitment Ep.30

What predictions do you foresee in 2021 for the recruitment sector? What skills will recruiters need to possess to stay ahead of the game?

Is there a life beyond Linkedin? Find out by tuning into this week’s Talent Talk Asia Podcast – this is an exciting, content-rich, visionary episode and one not to be missed.

Our host, Andrea Ross, founder of The Career Establishment, is joined for an exclusive conversation with the visionary Mark Francis, Founder, Director, Advisor, Associate Producer, Silverstrand Executive Search, Cleverly Search & Zetl, an invoice financing platform based in Hong Kong.

Mark shares his story on setting up the first recruitment firm Silverstrand in Hong Kong, also how and why he started the other two businesses Cleverly Search & Zetl, a few years later. Mark also discusses his predictions for the future of recruitment, what recruiters can be investing in now to pave a brighter and more secure future for themselves, and how having a finger in a few pies is the recipe for success. Stay tuned to this entrepreneurial cast that will leave you with lots of time management tips and hacks.




Silverstrand Executive Search is a boutique financial services recruitment firm specialising in placements for roles and businesses within the investment banking and finance industry both in Hong Kong and across the Asia-Pacific region.